Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Uh-oh. Another slideshow

Things creating this slideshow of our recent trip to Oak Island with my niece, Acy, showed me:
1: Sit up straight, dammit. (The plague of being the tallest girl as a kid is growing into a slump-backed adult. Jeez.)
2: That kid is cute.
3: Seagulls are awesome.
4: We like to eat. A lot. (Both in quantity and in sheer desire to intake more food.)


(TIP: If the slideshow is going too fast, hit the pause button then manually scroll forward using the arrow button. E-mail me if you have a problem viewing.)

1 comment:

Frances said...

i so completely love that picture of pat & acy dancing. holy crap. she's got the sweetest face. i love the beach. i love that you love the beach. yes indeed. this is from kathryn frances.