Sunday, June 8, 2008

Part of our trip to Louisville included me regaling other riders on the CHARTERED BUS (no kidding) that drove us from the downtown hotel to the church for the ceremony of stories of the naked bike ride held in Asheville. They didn't believe me. Do you now?

Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday fun!

Sorry to disappear after the Louisville teaser, but I've continued my Louisville-is-weird research this week. This includes a discussion with a Louisville Native over a Wednesday chicken salad lunch where I detailed the bizarrishishness of that trip. She grew up there and loves it -- like the other four people I know who are from there originally. She also revealed a detail about herself that I can't even begin to explain here in the Internet World other than to say it involves hairspray and maybe some petroleum jelly. Sounds dirtier than it is, I swear. At that same lunch, another friend chimed in with her own tales of Louisville hilarity. Really, if it isn't on your list of cities to visit, it should be because chances are you'll get a helluva good story from it. Tans and trinkets are overrated, anyway.

In other news, check out this Flickr set. Not only are the images hilarious, so are the comments. A rare combo treat in the Flickr world! I love this! I've spent too much time looking at them instead of learning web design or something worthwhile. But really, poses with mashed potatoes trump most everything in my book. Also, check out this very fun audio compilation of sounds of China Town.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Poor Leon

Just returned from road trip to Louisville, Kentucky, for a wedding. Remind me to tell you about:

John Powers says "You I like. But you, you I'm not so impressed with. Leon is not the smartest, but he's a gem."
White Castle and chewing tobacco
"I wish you ... terrible lovemaking"
Oysters on the half shell
Princess Diana and the loudest organ in the world
Winning 60 cents on yellow No. 4
The Palace Theater and the naked baby doll
One of the top 50 bars in the world
Bourbon and buggery, the pillars
Fitzgerald and The Great Gatsby
Learning what a trifecta is
Kabucki Theater, for five hours at least

Maybe just showing you this list reveals what I mean to tell you about, which is, essentially that this weekend was equally one of the most bizarre and funniest I've had. Louisville is/was CRAZY. Or maybe it was just the company I've been keeping lately.