Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Spotted on the morning commute

A small, Milk-of-Magnesia pink sedan driven by a large African-American man wearing a light pink button-up shirt. I can't exactly see who is in the passenger seat, but using my crack intelligence, I was able to figure it out from these astonishingly subtle clues.

Clue One: All the model and make decals have been replaced with gold block letters, reading PLAYBOY.

Clue Two: On the license plate: PLA BOY

Clue Three: The license plate "frame" (is that the right word?) reads, on top: PLAYBOY. On bottom: Miss January.

I passed them, trying to get a look, but then that sweet pink sedan got stuck behind a school bus as I zoomed off. That totally made my entire day.


Frances said...

holy crap. and this made mine. miss january lives in asheville? i wonder which january -- i would so love if it was january 1983 or something.

Angie said...

I don't think she lives here -- or at least the woman I saw. The plate was out of state, though just where, I don't know either because the PLAYBOY was covering up the name. Maybe she lives in the state of PLAYBOY. Wow. I wonder what kind of state bird they'd have?

Anonymous said...

That's so awesome! I'm going to spray paint Russ' cadilac pink tonight while he's sleeping.

Frances said...

state bird? (naked as a) jaybird. blue footed booby.