Monday, May 19, 2008

see below for bribe


Thought I would stop by to check in. What's up? Me, I'm avoiding going to sleep by 1: using The Google to "find out more" on the Dateline crime story Pat and I were grudgingly sucked into at 10 p.m. tonight only to find there really isn't anything more on the Dateline site, but did you know that traveler's insurance doesn't cover scuba diving or potential murder? Who knew? 2: being ridiculously excited by the flower seeds I planted in a patch of hard, hard clay next to our driveway, which I began digging up in a fit of panic regarding upcoming deadlines, and which I plan on sowing with even more seeds (did I tell you I got seeds for sunflowers that may grow to be TWELVE FEET TALL? That's tall, people!) tomorrow when the deadline panic is sure to continue? 3: realizing that my 10th wedding anniversary is in 1.5 days and I have 0.0 presents to offer my betrothed, who is trying to sleep next to me and continually shows saintly patience as I do various things such as freak out and dig up the front yard. You'd think 10 years to prepare would be enough. Turns out, not so much. Would an IOU work? How about the promise of towering sunflowers?

*Sigh* Will pay small reward for inspired 10th wedding anniversary gift ideas left in comments.


Anonymous said...

10 years! That's awesome. Ideas are hard for me...

apple pie?
a mixed tape?
A trip to the Amazon or Argentina?


Kathryn Frances Walker said...

ten years. holy crap, that's right. i hope i make ten years with mister JB, then twenty, thirty, fifty.

what'd you get him?