Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wonders of America

In further proof of just how much geekdom reigns in my little house, I offer you the "Wonders of America."

The Deepest Lake? Crater Lake

The Largest Rodent? The American Beaver

The Windiest Place? Mount Washington

The Largest Flower? The American Lotus

Go to your local post office and grab these stamps destined to be seen only by bill openers because who writes letters these days, anyway? All that excellent illustrations and illustrative information for the electric company? *sigh*


Frances said...

me! i still write letters! i have a parcel for you! i love letters and i love you! this is from kathryn frances walker.

Frances said...

painting! dang, you've been painting? hotdog. i miss your (painted) pictures (your polaroids are like paintings) at flickr but i get the doing other things, rilly rilly i do. this is from frances.