Monday, May 21, 2007

Alice Cooper. I mean ALICE COOPER!

Why did I wait nearly four days to share this with you, this awesome, most awesome, awesomist awesome interview Terry Gross did with Alice Cooper? Did you listen to it? Did you? Wasn't it freakin' awesome?

I totally wanted him to be my uncle, that one in (almost) every family who, when you're a child, you can't decide is the coolest or scariest person you've ever met, the one that holds your head under water too long when he dunks you in the ocean and tells you dirty jokes and slips you sips of his Budweiser but talks to you like you're his friend, not some dumb kid with scabby knees.

I really love the part when he talks about Groucho Marx, Marilyn Manson, Kiss and the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I mean, really. What else is there to talk about?

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Frances said...

mankind, i love the way you describe that kind of uncle. i wish all golfers talked about groucho marx and marilyn manson and the rocky horror picture show and wore pink hats and once sang "school's out". it would be a different world. i'm gonna listen to this today. hotdog. this is from kathryn frances xoxoxoxxoxo.