Monday, June 11, 2007

Question: Are we as old as your mom or do we need to get as drunk as your mom?

Us, in Savannah, at Paula Deen's The Lady and Sons restaurant, over plates of delicious fried crabness: "Where is there a good bar around here?"

James, the bartender: "Um. Try The Warehouse or Bernie's. If you go to (XXXX), say hey to my friend (Something) Martinez. He's the second best bartender in Savannah." (Ba-da-dunk)

Us: "OK. Ha ha."

Chris, the bartender-in-training who looked to be all of 15 years old: "Don't listen to him. Go to Wet Willie's. It's so good I got my mom drunk in there once."

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Frances said...

when i was fifteen, i thought twenty was old. so maybe he thought y'all were twenty-one or sumthin. or maybe his mom is twenty-eight.