Saturday, June 16, 2007

the vacation slideshow

My dad loved cameras. He had buckets of lights and bulbs and camera parts. He had tiny point-and-shoots. He had Polaroids. He loved his Kodak Disc Camera SO MUCH that when we left it on the Blue Ridge Parkway by accident during an ill-contrived picnic, he drove two-and-a-half hours back to the picnic site to find it.

But none of this camera love compared to when he got his first video camera in the mid-90s. He carted that huge thing (which looked, in comparison to today's models, like a camera a TV crew would use) to the beach on one of our last trips there together. He set up his tripod, and stood there (was he in his red Speedo? I can't remember) and filmed HOURS UPON HOURS of the waves coming in and out and the birds flying overhead. He told me once, If I could have been anything, I would have been a photographer for National Geographic. In a Speedo, probably.

So when I present to you this little slideshow of my recent trip to Savannah, know that I come upon this honestly, this urge to record every little thing. And let me tell you how awesome it was to travel with someone who takes more pictures than me! And who laughs like crazy when I make her pose in front of fiberglass elephants in the parking lot of a fireworks store! (Which is not included in this little show because, really, nothing can compare to the alligator shot.) Ha ha!

I'm loving summer already! Thanks, Dad!


Frances said...

oh my gosh, the DISC CAMERA. we had one of those too. i took lots of staged pictures of my folks in hats. i had also loved the polaroid we got in the late '70s but the disc camera felt realer. i have always loved your dad saying that, i remember you telling me that. red speedos, the way to go, man. (also, i love the slightly pornographic innuendo of you posing with the pink elephants.) this is from kathryn frances!

Angie said...

Uh... there is no intentional pornographic innuendo. I seriously just loved the elephant. No, really.