Monday, June 18, 2007

summer music

Do you have a soundtrack for your summers? The first one I ever had was in junior high when I stretched out on the carpet in Shannon's living room after we got back from the pool and listened to Top 40 hits of the 1980s. (Which are flooding the commercial radio airwaves up here. What gives?) Then there was that summer in the middle of undergrad where I lived on the edge of Biltmore Forrest and house sat for my Bulgarian friend who was married (and maybe he still is) to a now-famous author while I worked a shitty job at the college and divided my time among breaking into a neighborhood pool in the middle of the night (sorry neighborhood pool!), going to baseball games, making tempura and generally going a little batty. That summer I listened to Poi Dog Pondering and Sonic Youth and Tom Waits like crazy. When I hear them I feel nervously excited.

And now these songs, holy mother do I love them! They are my Summer of 2007 anthems. They have this free feeling that I love, this want to dance feeling that I crave. (And this all started because Frances sent me the link! Thanks, Frances! My music-loving friend! She knows I love anything with a dance routine!)

Here's a 2005 interview with Feist. And another one by NPR that aired over the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that Frances knows what will hit the spot! I love this! I wonder if Farmer can borrow some from his show tonight. I miss dancing. I only do it in my kitchen now for some reason... Farmer made me a shake the booty playlist on my ipod, Justin is on there now, but I want this on it too!


Anonymous said...

We never did make a dance routine to "Thriller"....there is still time!

Frances said...

ah so nice! i love her too. bought the reminder and let it die. you know, she just played here in g'boro down at the old carolina theatre last thursday night but i didn't know til like five minutes before. i shoulda run over there but i was drinking wine with my sister a block away and was due elsewhere. the summer of feist. hotdog, man. i love it. xoxo this is from frances.