Monday, February 26, 2007

"That was how it started."

If you haven't read this story, do. I find it completely fascinating.

From the story:

That was how it started. That was the first flicker of what would become the—What? Phenomenon? Moment? Cautionary tale? Success story? Footnote?—of Cory Kennedy.

If it's hard to characterize, it may be because hers is a dispatch from uncharted cultural waters. Never before have media, technology and celebrity collided with adolescence at such warp speed. Never before has it been so easy for, say, a middle-class kid with a curfew and no driver's license to rise to international fame almost without her parents' knowledge.

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Frances said...

i just read that article. holy crap. but it ended weird, right in the middle of the timeline and i was wondering if i missed something. when folks talk about that technological divide -- i think about older generations vs. younger generations, that if you aren't computer savvy, how hard it is to keep up with what your kids are doing. anyhow, this is fascinating. vincent gallo creeps me out.