Friday, February 16, 2007

Europe by rail, Southeast Asia by air

Time to plan. There are only so many weeks before we're scheduled to leave town again, this time for the summer.

(By the way, know anyone who wants to housesit this summer?)

So, in poking around this morning (and, again, avoiding the gigs of photos to sort), I found some deals on The Washington Post's What's the Deal site:

Buy a Eurail Select Pass before March 31 and get a free day of rail travel. Deal is good on 6-, 8- and 10-day Eurail Select Passes. Prices vary based on number of countries and days. For example, a six-day pass to three countries is $445 and includes a free seventh day of travel. Travelers have up to six months from date of purchase to begin traveling, and a two-month period to use their rail pass. Purchase at or through Rail Europe (877-257-2887, and Flight Centre (866-967-5351,

And this, which is so tempting:

Singapore Airlines' Southeast Asia Air Pass, which includes round-trip air from New York to Singapore plus round-trip flights from Singapore to three cities, is now $1,699 plus taxes, which vary by travel itinerary. Travelers can choose from 26 destinations in Asia, including Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. All travel must be booked and completed by May 31; maximum stay is 45 days. Info:

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Frances said...

dang it all, i commented here earlier -- what happened to it? twice that's happened. anyhow, i said that i love your saluda/ywca/s&w building stories but most especially that last one. that you got the good ear for extracting the gems from what folks say. att'sa good reporter right there. i also said something about chekhov but i fear the comment may be lurking in the ether so i don't wanna say it all again, like aunt becky repeating dewey's punch lines. this is from frances. xxxxoooo