Thursday, February 1, 2007

To do: Blink and Breathe

Last night, the parking lots of the local grocery stores were jammed with people buying milk and bread to hoard for the forecasted, pending Snow Storm of the Year (here and here -- which says snow is moving into the mountains. Really? Where?). In my particular western North Carolina neighborhood, that equals about two inches of snow. Still, Pat and I ran around until late last night doing last minute errands, like BUYING SHOELACES and A WINTER COAT for someone who shall remain nameless. But in this two-person family, all you have to know is that it wasn't me.

So, (you saw this coming, huh?) I woke up at the crack of dawn today to NO snow. Not even a wimpy flake. And while the sky is solid gray and looks like it's about to dump, looks are deceiving.

Now it's forecasted to come tonight, so we're crossing our fingers that we'll be able to jump on our plane in the early morning.

That's on the list, by the way: Catch plane.

In the preparation department, I am a manic list maker, or Maker of Lists Full of Obvious Tasks. Like: Drop the dog off! Bring passport! Make sure cat has food and water! Pack clothes! And underwear!

While I have no trouble remembering Life's Big Stuff, I frequently forget things and get frustrated and flustered when I go somewhere and realize I have left something small, but critical to me, behind. At Kathryn's wedding I remembered the gift and the dress and the shoes. But not the underwear. That was TOO obvious. (And I'm not a commando kind of girl, unlike some unfortunate celebrities whose privates were recently flashed to the world, so I had to drag Kathryn to the store so I could buy some wedding-worthy undies.)

This trip, what will be missing? A toothbrush? Three ounces (Really? THREE OUNCES IS ALL?) of contact solution? Who knows.

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Frances said...

but see if you hadn't forgotten then we wouldn't have had one of my favorite memories of going to belk's for wedding panties -- and i got myself a pair, didn't end up wearing em but i have em. *** so, i had every intention of contacting mr. elliott to help y'all with rome-planning but i kept procrastinating on account of needing to talk to him longer than i had the energy for. i've been lame as hell, the january yucks. *** i'm so daggum happy that roam and rove is here -- hotdog -- and i think y'all left today or yesterday or yestertoday which it's already headed towards tomorrow there, or y'all got a leg up on it anyhow. hey to pat hunt -- dang, are you gonna update there? HOTDOG. xoxoxoxo